Q: What is McMMO?
A: McMMO is an open source plugin for the Minecraft multiplayer server mod Bukkit that is currently under development by Nossr50. This plugin allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with experience points, special powers, parties, PvP and more!

Q: What are the McMMO skills?
A: McMMO's main function is to incorporate an RPG-like skill system that players will have access to right from the beginning. Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancement. 
A: Gathering~ mining,wood-cutting, herbalism, excavation and fishing.
A: Combat~ unarmed, archery, swords, axes and taming.
A: Miscellaneous~ repair and acrobatics.

Q: What are the McMMO comands and what do they do?
A: /mcmmo~  Displays general mcMMO help text. 
/mcc~  Displays the list of mcMMO commands.   
/mcstats~  Displays the current skill levels of the player, including the current XP and the total needed to level up.  
/[skillname]~  Displays information on a specific skill. 
Ex. "/mining" displays general information regarding the mining skill, including the current Double Drop proc rate.
/mctop  Shows the top 10 people with the highest power level on your server.
/mctop [skillname]~  Shows the top 10 people with the highest level in the specified skill on your server. 
/mcability~  Toggles whether or not you can activate abilities with right click. 
/mchud  Brings up the GUI of the plugin. [Needs Spout] 

Q: How do use party tp commands and what do they do?
A: /party~  View information on your current party  
/party [party name]~  Creates or joins a named party.  
/party q~  Leaves the current party.  
/p~  Toggles party chat on/off.  
/invite [player name]~  Invites the named player to the current party.  
/accept~  Accepts a received party invitation.  
/party lock~  Locks the party you are in. Only works for party leader.  
/party password (password)~  Applies a password to your party. Only works for party leader.  

Q: What are factions? and how do they work?
A: Please go to the "Factions 101" tab for all of this info.


First of all, let us ask ourselves. What is factions? Factions is one of the most popular PvP Bukkit Plugins out there. For a short ingame guide, simply type the /f help command. As I am creating this thread, I am assuming that you know everything there is to know about Minecraft in general. A newbie who cannot place blocks should first learn that  [:d] , then come back here for the more juicy information.

Factions is somewhat similar to Survival. In factions, players are thrown out onto a generated world with a landscape and similar secrets such as to vanilla. However, in Factions you are allowed to kill other players and steal their loot. But you might say, "This isn't fair! I don't want to lose my stuff!" This is where the concept of Factions comes in. In today's society, Factions are usually small groups of people who share similar beliefs in politics. In Minecraft, Factions are any-sized groups of players who are on one team and work together to become the best. In each Faction, with the required mininum, you can protect land that becomes yours. But Factions is not just about Survival with PvP, it is warfare. Other Factions can easily find your Faction, and if they are reasonably stronger, they can blow you apart. I will teach you not only the simple commands, but also how to survive and become the top.

In this thread, I will try my best to divide it into sections. The most important subjects will be placed at the beginning, as I suspect some will not read through all of it.


I believe that in order to have fun and rise to the top, you need to understand what is going on first. Let us create our Faction first. Do the command /f create <FactionName>. Now you should have your Faction! If you need to change the name, do /f tag <NewName>. It is useful to first create a Faction description. This can always be edited in the future, but it tells a bit about you and the players in your faction. To set your description, type in the command /f desc <Description>.

One can open or close their faction with /f open, which toggles between opening and closing the faction. An open faction allows anyone to join it if they wish to. A closed faction requires an invitation. I recommend not having an open Faction. Check if your Faction is open or not to your desire once created.

Keep in mind that being a solo player is a choice, but it is strongly not recommended. Later on, I will describe the advantages to having a team of players in a Faction instead of just one or two. To invite other's to join your Faction, do /f invite <PlayerName>. You want to invite trustworthy people. If you invited the wrong person or changed your mind, hurry and type in /f deinvite <PlayerName> before they can accept. Anyone could grab all your belonging while you are offline, grief your base, and leave. If you receive an invitation and wish to join, type in the command /f join <FactionName>.

In a Faction, there are 3 types of players. There is the Admin, who is the creator with every governing command. There are also Faction Moderators, who also share several of those commands. Then there are the normal players, who do not have these special commands. The Admin of the Faction is able to do all commands in Factions. If you wish to give up ownership of the Faction, Admin's may do /f admin <PlayerName>.Moderators are able to do some of it, including inviting players and claiming land. Select your Moderators by doing /f mod <PlayerName>. Choose your Moderators wisely, as they are able to unclaim all of your protected land and leave it for the enemy. Normal players make up the body of the Faction. These players gear and fight like any normal player, and have access to the Faction protected lands. All new players joining your faction are normal players by default.

One fun thing to do is to give Titles for your members. Admins and Moderators are able to set Titles for themselves and other players. To do this, type /f title <PlayerName> <Title> to give a player a Title. If you haven't figured out already, Title's are pretty much just nicknames.

Is your Faction terrible or unsuccessful? Do you want to restart? Do /f disband to delete your Faction. If it is just you not liking it, and all the others are fine, simply leave the Faction for a new one with /f leave. If you simply want to kick a misbehaving player out, Admins and Moderators, do /f kick <PlayerName>. to remove them from your Faction.

You probably want to get started now with protecting your land and building your base, correct? Well, let us jump right to the next part then!


Claimed land for your Faction is protected. This means that anyone that is not in your faction cannot build and break, or use and open things in your claimed land.
Typing /f claim will claim the chunk you are standing in for your faction. Each claimed land is a 16x16 chunk extending from the bedrock to the sky. As you should know, allies, neutrals, and faction-less people are unable to hurt you while you are standing in your territory. I will explain those terms to you in the near future. Do /f autoclaim to claim all the chunks you are walking on. This is not recommended, because you may lose track of what you are claiming.

After going far and wide to collect resources and raid, how will you find your way back to your base? It is a big world out there. Do /f sethome to set the home for your faction, Admin and Moderators. Keep in mind that you may only set your home on your Faction's claimed land. All members can type /f home to teleport back to the Faction. When you walk on a chunk, there will be a message in your chatbox. The message will tell you if the land is unclaimed with the text Wilderness, or if the land is your own, neutral, or enemy's land. Don't worry, I will explain these terms to you soon. It is very hard to go around trying to find every piece of land. I recommend typing /f map to show the territorial land map and get an understanding for what factions own the land around yourself. On the bottom left corner of the map that appears in your chatbox, there will be a symbol for every faction on the map. Where the symbol appears on the map is where that faction has claimed land. For example, / = The Empire would be where The Empire has claimed land.


In Factions, power determines the strength of yourself and your faction. Land requires power. Every piece of land, or every chunk, takes up one power. Every person has a maximum of 10 power, so a single person can have 10 chunks/piece of land. For every new player in a faction, the faction will increase its maximum power by 10. A 4-people faction has 40 maximum power, and 40 maximum chunks of land. You start at 0 power. I recommend staying away from PvP on your first couple days, as it is a good chance to gather resources as your power slowly regenerates to a higher sum. By default, you gain 1 power every 5 minutes.

Power is lost on death, usually 3 out of 10. Losing power causes your faction to lose land. It is possible to lose enough power to have negative power, which can really hinder your faction. For example, if player Death0524 has 10 power, and faction member tattertotz1 has 10 power, their faction will have 20 maximum power and a maximum of 20 plots of land. If Death0524 dies, he will have now 7 power. This drops the faction's power to 17/20, since Death0524 now lost 3 power from his death, and now can only claim 17 plots of land. I recommend not claiming power to the full maximum, as players tend to die and make mistakes, and we don't want just a couple deaths destroying our Faction. For example, in the Faction containing Death0524 and tattertotz1, they have a maximum 20 power. They just claim perhaps 10-12 chunks, which is already a huge space for their faction, so that they are able to die a couple times without losing land.

When a Faction loses power it means losing land, but not immediately. If the Faction loses enough current power so that their current power is lower than their plots claimed, then other Factions can claim their land. This is very important, so pay attention. As a stated before, Factions can claim land from the Wilderness, or unclaimed land. However, Factions can also claim from other Factions! If you are on neutral or enemy land, terms that will be explained, check their power. If they have lower power than the land they have claimed, you can claim their land! In that section of land, you can do anything you could do with your own previous territory.

Now that you got your players and outline Faction ready, let us check our stats. Do /f show to see your Faction data. This is what it should look like. It shows the name, description, join settings, relationships, and Faction members. The most important part is the middle section with Land / Power / MaxPower. As you see in the picture, next to the previous section it says 0 / 10 / 10. This refers exactly to the text. So 0 would be land claimed, the middle 10 is Power, and the other 10 is MaxPower. As mentioned above, this is very important for keeping your own Faction safe as well as raiding others. To see other's Power, do /f show <FactionName>.

Let's say Faction Central has two members, Halo391 and no1zombie. They have claimed 15 pieces of land, and their /f show should say 15 / 20 / 20 . If Halo391 gets killed, the faction's power drops to 17. Because the current power is still greater than the lands claimed, Central's lands are safe. Now if no1zombie also is killed, the faction's power drops to 14, which is below the amount of lands claimed. Central can now lose one of its chunks to a neutral or enemy that claims it.

This is why deaths are so important, and why you have to kill a faction's member in order to raid or attack them. Watch your power at all times and avoid death.


I have been mentioning this a whole lot earlier, and now is the time to explain. In Factions, there are 3 types of relationships: allies, neutrals, and enemies. When two factions are allied, Faction members cannot harm one another and claim land from each other. However, allies cannot use doors and chests, and build or break blocks on another's land. To become allies with a faction, it requires a mutual /f ally <FactionName>.

Neutrals are Factions you don't know and/or don't want to ally or enemy. This includes faction-less players as well. Neutrals with a Faction are able to claim your land, but they cannot attack you on your land or take you items and grief. Factions are by default Neutral with you. However, if you want to make an enemy or ally a Neutral, do /f neutral <FactionName>.

When a faction declares another as an enemy, both becomes enemies to each other. This is not mutual. Once enemies, both factions can harm each other on even the enemy's territory. You still, however, cannot build or destroy or use doors and chests in the enemy lands. Declaring someone as enemy is crucial to raiding and stealing. Do not forget to do it or you will look foolish trying to ambush someone and end up whacking their face harmlessly. Killing their players will lower their power, therefore taking you one step closer to claiming their land. To declare one as an enemy, type the command /f enemy <FactionName>.

In Factions, there are also multiple chat zones. For the public chat, type /f c p. This enables you to talk to anyone on the server. However, you don't want to share private Faction matters! Do /f c f to chat privately with your faction. For allied chat, do /f c a.

Faction Base

In Factions, you definitely want to have a good base to protect your items and you in general. Building a base far away from spawn is a good idea so that most people cannot find your base. I usually spend about 30-40 minutes running thousands of blocks in one direction to get as far away from spawn as possible. the downside is that it will be harder to find other factions to attack and raid. This is because most factions are created somewhat near spawn.

Always claim first, then build. By doing this you can save a huge load of power, for you are defining your base to the lands you claim, not vice versa. In Factions, if you want to be successful, you must put function over beauty. Use your brain. Pretend you are the enemy. How would you get into your own base? For starters, while people cannot destroy your base with their hands, they can use many other tools. Fire can burn down wooden walls, TNT cannons can tear large holes, and even Endermen and Creepers can destroy your base, if enabled. Also prepare for the use of enderpearls, which can be used to travel over large walls or over dangerous traps. Finally, a Nether portal can be used to get inside your base, whether through one you built, or one created from traveling through the Nether. It is recommended to never build a Nether portal inside your own base, or at least break it after use or place it in a confined area. A roof can counter enderpearls and pillaring, and building a door for your portal can block it.

The next cruicial step is finding a good location. One great spot is in the middle of an ocean is a great spot, as enemies will have a hard time to swim to your base, and nobody would actually go search for a base in the middle of a wide, blank ocean, unless they look at the map that is. The Nether is also an okay spot, as like the ocean, not many would search for a base in it, but beware of people using Ghasts to blow up your base. If building in the Overworld, an underground base with no distinct surface buildings is very good. Avoid big caverns, and try to build as deep as possible to avoid having your name tags seen by hunters. Always, always, think about how an enemy would infiltrate your base.

Watch your power and try to use as little as possible. Remember, while every person in the faction adds 10 maximum power, a person with -10 power will take away 20 power. They take away 10 from what they could have contributed, then another 10 from the negative sum. Ask yourself if your faction can sustain your members, and if you are sure they will not leave, die, or betray your faction. To me, members are not to have extra lands for the base. Extra members are to make it harder for enemies to raid my base, as the enemy has to kill much more times before they can lower the faction's power to be able to claim away land. The less lands claimed, the better.

As I said, claim first, then build. This allows your base to be "chunk-aligned", fully utilizing your land as efficient as possible. If one builds a base, then claims it, they can find that they are using more power to claim something that only may have required 1 power. Claiming first allows you to know your territory's boundaries, where you can build, and how big your base can be. Use /f map on to see your lands. Remember, every plot is a 16x16 square.

A key rule to Factions is to remember is that enemies must start from an edge plot to claim your land, and cannot claim a plot that is surrounded on all 4 sides by other claimed chunks. You should place your Faction base in the middle of your claimed land, to make it much harder for enemies to complete a raid.

Now that you have your boundaries, build walls. A very common mistake to avoid is not building build on claimed land. Many careless factions have built their walls on the wilderness, where it can be destroyed by anyone. Check with your chat or your faction map to make sure you are building on claimed land. In reality, you are not fully utilizing a 16x16 piece of land, but rather a 14x14 for your chunk of land.

Now that the outer base is set up, it is time to build the interior. For the faction's home, make sure to build a one way access out, such as a high platform and a pool on the bottom, or a one way iron door, so that the only way to get back to the spawn/home is to type /f home. This will prevent you or your allies from getting spawn-killed over and over again, as the enemy cannot access your spawnpoint. A chest full of weapons and food in the spawn is also important into defending it should you ever die.

Remember, utilize as few power as possible. A mine is generally not recommended in your base, as they are some of the easiest entrances to infiltrate with their numerous caverns. Instead, build a mine away from the base in the wilderness.

For the blocks on your base, use a lot of doors and trapdoors. Put as much as you can. This will hinder an enemy's movement as they cannot use your doors and trapdoors. Next, a huge sand wall is recommended to surround your entire base. If the enemy blows it up with TNT, the wall will simply fall down. This wastes their time and resources, lending frustration. Even if you have an underground base, build a wall all the way from sky to bedrock with sand. Placing cactus all around the sand wall is also handy. Make sure it is protected though!

On the inside of the walls, Building a base of Obsidian is recommended. You might have to build it with cobblestone first, as you will not be able to obtain much Obsidian right away. Layers of fences, lava, and water is also nice to have between the sand way and your obsidian base.

Do not take your entire Faction just from my outline. This is for two reasons. You are simply reading directions, and in case you do something wrong, you are screwed. Also, be creative! Second reason, I am building a base as well xD


Warfare is the most exciting part about Factions, in my opinion at least. First of all, do not forget to have good gear and a strong force on you and with you while fighting! No matter how good at PvP you are, one player with leather armor and a wood swod cannot beat 10 with full diamond. A successful war starts with a main goal or target. If you are raiding for resources, you should search for a faction that is rich, and easy to attack. /f list is a useful tool for all attackers. The Faction List shows you all the main Factions, with their Land / Power / MaxPower data stated earlier. Constantly check on the Faction List and keep note of either factions with less current power than their current land, or those that are near having less power than their current land.

If an enemy has a lot of people, but little land, obviously they will be an extremely hard faction to kill. You will even need a majority of their members to be on, just so you can kill enough people to lower enough power. Instead, search for a faction with lots of land and lots of people online. Again, use /f list and /f show to give you updates on Faction data. Use it before raiding and during raiding to see if you have killed enough people and if you can start claiming away land. Not many people will realize that they are dying multiple times and that their power is lowering.

Now that you have a target, you have to find their base to attack. The best way to do this is by just wandering around, with /f map on, until you find some claimed land on the map, or try to deceive them or someone else into giving you the coordinates. Once you have the coordinates, remember them or write them down. The next step is to infiltrate, declare war, and slaughter them. One thing I recommend is to not immediately declare a target as an enemy, as you may alarm and provoke them. Instead, keep your faction neutral until the very last second.

All bases have flaws, no matter how defensive or impenetrable they may seem. Both vanilla Minecraft and the server's plugins may have many features you can use to infiltrate a base. An enderpearl or pillaring in the nearby wilderness allows you to go over walls. TNT and fire can tear down bases if enabled. Alternatively, if you look down at the ground, you may find name tags walking around, which may indicate a mine that you can then dig into.

If you find a flaw, try not to let the enemy know, so they won't seal it up. Flee/exit an enemy base with teleportation (/f home, /spawn) rather than back through the hole you came through.

Last step - the slaughtering. Always use shift to sneak, and always make sure that you ambush them. Try to attack them while they are mining, focused on farming, etc. Surprise is a good weapon to have. Once you are ready to leap down and stab them, quickly switch the status to enemies.

What is SkyWars?

A: SkyWars PvP. Usually skywars is fought on islands where you start with some gear in a chest and build up your base or just get some weapons and attack others.

What is AcidIsland?

A:You're on an island, in a sea of acid! If you like Skyblock, try AcidIsland for a new challenge! This is a variation of the very popular SkyBlock world. Instead of falling into the void, you must contend with acid water when expanding your island and players can boat to each other's islands. #moo